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Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

Posted on: February 22, 2017

kitchen remodeling trends 2017

Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2017

You have heard it said by real-estate professionals and those designers on television shows: The kitchen can be the most valuable room in your home. A well designed, practical kitchen can add a lot of value to a small house, while a worn, cramped kitchen can actually hurt the value of any home.

The kitchen is one of the few places in the home in which you can invest money to renovate or remodel and perhaps get more out of your home than you put into it. It is, of course, based on making the right decisions about your kitchen renovation. And a good decision you can make is to remodel it into a more modern look that can add space, efficiency and even some light or brightness in the right combination.

Here are a few of the remodeling trends we’ve been seeing and will expect in 2017, should you decide to remodel your kitchen this year.

  1. Brushed Brass Kitchen Fixtures – If there is a warm look you want for your kitchen, brass has made a comeback in the kitchen of late. But the polished brass that was such a trend in the past has now given way to brushed brass to provide a warm color that is muted and that goes well with virtually any color scheme you may choose.
  2. Paint Your Kitchen in Shades of Gray – Before your mind goes too deep into a dark place, we want you to think of some different colors in your kitchen. Not only is white an always-popular choice, but a new hot trend for neutral shades are off-white shades and gray. Gray especially those of lighter shades, can provide an interesting look that takes away the “clinical” appearance of pure white with a muted but clean visual that can go with appliances that are stainless steel, black or white colors. As an added bonus, you could do multiple tones of white, off-white and gray to add some depth and texture.
  3. Less Granite, More Quartz and Wood for Countertops – Granite has always been a great high-end choice for countertops in the kitchen. But recent trends have been leaning toward the use of quartz and butcher-block wood to present a look that is natural and warm. This tendency toward more natural finishes is also a trend – seek out sustainable kitchens that utilize clay, wood, wicker and stone.
  4. On-location Cooling – We’re all used to the refrigerator/freezer being in one location in the kitchen. But can you imagine the space savings when you can have your milk bottles in a cabinet under the island where you pour your cereal each morning? Or cans of soda in a drawer right by the glasses and right next to an ice drawer? The next thing is what is called “point of use” refrigeration, where you can downsize (or potentially get rid of) the refrigerator and free up more space for additional cabinetry.
  5. Consider Ceiling Heigh Cabinetry – To make a room look taller, it is said to think floor-to-ceiling consistency. Similar visual illusion can be applied to your kitchen using your counters and cabinetry. If your current cabinets don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, make your new ones do so. Reaching the ceiling and having cabinets that are taller makes the kitchen look bigger and more spacious. Same thing with the cabinets under the countertops – forget the toekick and have them go all the way to the floor to give a similar illusion of height.
  6. Modern Art Deco – A New Kitchen Color Scheme – We’ve all seen those electric color combinations from the 1970s. Now let’s take it into the more modern state. Not with bright colors, but use muted and natural-looking colors in varying combinations. Imagine yellows, greens, browns and oranges in the right combination of your kitchen to present nice visuals, brightness and warmth.

Taking in mind these trends, you can work with your remodeling professional to find more trends that would fit well with anything you decide to do to your kitchen to add practicality, efficiency and your own personal style to your cooking space. The kitchen is the most important room in any house, and it should be the kind of room you want and deserve – trendy, modern, functional.

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