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Get More Out of Your Bathroom’s Storage Space

Posted on: August 25, 2016

Make the Most of the Space in Your Northern Virginia Bathroom

Towels, cosmetics, shampoo, beauty appliances, toilet paper—there are tons of products that you use when you’re in your bathroom. But if your bathroom is small or lacks storage space, finding a place to keep all of these items can become a challenge.

Luckily, our team of bathroom remodeling experts at WISA Solutions has seen it all, and we’re here to help you find enough storage space for all of the items you keep in your bathroom.

DIY Bathroom Storage Solutions

If you love the design of your bathroom, but you just wish you had more room to store all of your things, there are a couple of do-it-yourself ways to add more storage in your bathroom.

1. Pull Out Your Products


These pull-out drawers are simple to install, and they make it easy for you to store all of your products in an easily accessible location. Though your items will be hidden under the sink, you won’t have to crouch down and rummage around to find them! Learn more here.

2. Store It in a Spice Rack


Spice racks aren’t just for your kitchen! By hanging them on your bathroom wall, you give yourself a little extra storage space in an area that was previously wasted. This simple trick gives you the chance to store things vertically, instead of adding another storage container on the floor or on the bathroom countertops.  Follow this tutorial and your bathroom sink will be clutter-free in no time.

3. Leave It on a Ladder


All you need is a ladder and a can of paint in your favorite color to create this simple storage solution. You can use ladders to store towels, plants, candles, or anything else you keep in your bathroom! Learn more here.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas to Maximize Storage

If you’ve been thinking about remodeling your bathroom because it’s not as functional as you need it to be, there are a few specific storage solutions we can add as part of your Northern Virginia bathroom remodel.

1. Shower Shelving


Shower niches and shower shelves provide you with built-in space to store all of the items you use in the shower, like shampoo bottles, bars of soap, and more! This is a favorite feature among the rest of our Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling clients. We can match your shower niche to fit the design of the rest of your shower and bathroom.

2. Two-for-One Towel Racks


When your towel rack can hold two towels rather than just one, that leaves you with more wall space to hang shelves or other storage solutions! This is an ideal option for families who use lots of towels each day.

3. Convenient Cabinetry


For more wall storage, we can add hidden behind-the-mirror cabinets as well as beautiful stand-alone cabinets to hold all of your belongings! In a variety of materials, colors, and sizes, we’ve certainly got cabinets that will fit your tastes and needs.

Call WISA Solutions for Bathroom Remodeling in Northern Virginia

If you’re interested in designing your dream bathroom with a team of talented technicians who can turn it into a reality, it’s time to call WISA Solutions. We’ll work with you every step of the way to remodel your Northern Virginia bathroom until it’s exactly what you want. Contact us online or call us at 571-336-5626 to set up a consultation!

Not sure where to start with your remodel? We’re here to help! Read one of our E-Books today to learn more.
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