Tips For Improving Curb Appeal: How to Impress Your Neighbors and Wow Your Guests

Posted on: January 14, 2020

Keeping your home up-to-date and looking its best isn’t just about making sure the interior is looking good.

When it comes to maintaining your home and making sure it shines both inside and out, you also have to pay close attention to your curb appeal.

As you’re certainly familiar with — but for those that need a refresher — curb appeal refers to the aesthetic look of your home if you’re looking at it from the curb. So, while the interior of a home may be spectacular, complete with gorgeous decor and furniture, if the curb appeal of the home is lagging, then it will bring the rest of the home down with it.

Because the outside of your home is constantly battling with the elements, sprucing up your home’s exterior every now and then is a must.

So, to help you improve your curb appeal — and wow your guests and impress your neighbors for years to come — then try out these five exterior home improvement tips!


Clean Your Gutters


Cleaning out the gutters is not fun, but sometimes you gotta take on the tough tasks to keep your house looking brand new.

However, and lucky for you, there are some great tools out there today that you can use to effectively clean your gutters without hopping up on a ladder and risk an injury.

Even the nicest of homes can be ruined by a dirty, cluttered, and clogged gutter system. But, not only is there an aesthetic factor for cleaning your gutters, blocked gutters can lead to leaks in your roof which can cause all sorts of trouble.

So, for the overall functionality of your home, as well as its looks, make sure to clean your gutters regularly.

Plus, the last thing you want to deal with is a squirrel making your dirty gutters its home…


Go Green With Landscaping

flower garden for added curb appeal

You don’t need a massive amount of property or a vast yard to add more green elements to your landscaping. Planting a single tree in your yard can help add so much to your curbside appeal, as can potted plants by your door or driveway.

If you do have space for it, adding a garden for fresh produce is a great idea as well, as personal gardens not only look great but they are also a sustainable way to source your food. Overall, having more nature and green involved in your home — both inside and out — can help create a more relaxing, calming, and inviting feel to your house. And, when it comes to landscaping, you’re truly only limited by your imagination.

For some great ideas on how to improve your landscaping, take a look at this Southern Living article, which features 10 of the best landscaping ideas.


Renovate Your Roof

Taking on a roofing project is a big deal, but with the right roofing team, you can totally transform your curb appeal by bringing your roof up-to-date. Opting for a roof replacement provides many other benefits in addition to improving your curb appeal. A new roof means your home will be safer in times of bad weather and you’ll avoid leaks or ice dams piling up in the cold days of winter.

If you’ve noticed that your roof could use a replacement, then look no further than WISA — the premier roofing provider in Virginia. At WISA, we understand how tall of a task replacing your roof can be. With our simple and collaborative process, you’ll enjoy the project and seeing your roof come together as much as the finished product itself! We pride ourselves on transparency with our materials and we’ll help you find the perfect materials for your needs and budget.

To get started on your new roof, contact us today!


Touch-Up Your Driveway


A freshly paved driveway can make all the difference when it comes to your home’s curbside appeal. Even if you spent many hours working on the rest of your exterior, a cracked, old, and tired driveway can really derail your curb appeal.

Go ahead and take a peek at your driveway right now. Is it still looking fresh? Are there just a few cracks that could use some covering up? Or is it maybe time for a total resurface? If it looks like your driveway could use some upkeep, it’s a great investment that can drastically improve your curbside appeal.


Switch Up Your Siding


Of course, perhaps the most obvious feature of the curbside appeal is your home’s siding. It’s typically what people notice first about the home — the color and what the outside of the home is made of. If you have a log cabin style or brick home, those materials can also use the occasional upkeep.

When it comes to siding specifically, weather and the elements may have lead to some noticeable damage. Or, perhaps you own an older home that could use some new siding or you want a fresher color.

If you could use new siding, then WISA is the team for you. We have an experienced team that will help you find the best siding for your home. For over 25 years, we have been in the construction industry to update, build, and modernize homes in the Northern Virginia area with new windows and doors. Whether you are looking to give your home a facelift or you need to replace damaged siding, contact the experts at WISA Solutions to do the job.

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