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Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor Before You Hire Them

Posted on: December 11, 2019

When you’re hiring someone to work on your home, it’s important that you trust them to do good work, to be punctual and get the job done on time, and to be courteous and polite when communicating with you. 

After all, if you have a bad experience with a roofing contractor and they don’t do the job right or aren’t honest with you about the materials they are using, you may just end up calling someone else to clean up their mess. This means more wasted time and, more importantly, more wasted money. 

So, to help ensure that you avoid having to redo a roofing job due to poor handiwork, here are 4 questions to ask a roofing contractor before you hire them. 

Do They Have Any References or Past Examples of Work? 

When it comes to looking for someone to hire for your roofing needs, you want to make sure that they have the experience necessary to do the job correctly. 

One of the best ways to ensure that your money is going to be put to good use is if the contractor has references that you can connect with to hear about their experience working with them, or if they have some examples of their past work. 

This way, you can verify that they’ve worked on homes before and have had successful outcomes with satisfied homeowners. 

If they are hesitant to provide examples of past work or don’t want you contacting any of their past clients, that’s a pretty big red flag right there and it might be best to look elsewhere for your roofing needs. 

Do They Offer a Roof Warranty?

Professional, quality contractors and roofing service providers should always offer some sort of warranty for their services. 

Warranties in the home construction or remodeling industry are commonplace and a contractor that doesn’t incorporate a warranty of any kind into their services is someone you should probably avoid. 

When someone works on your home, you expect that whatever they did — whether it’s the roof, shingles, windows, or an interior job — it is done with the intention of making it last. 

However, sometimes something may happen where a shingle becomes loose or something small. It’s good to know that if you choose a roofer with a warranty that they’ll come back and fix it up fast with no additional cost to you. 

Do They Carry General Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation?

An often overlooked aspect of hiring a roofing contractor is whether or not they carry some form of insurance — including worker’s compensation. 

If a member of their construction crew were to get injured or if your home was to be damaged from an error while they are working, you may be held liable for any medical costs or damages that may be incurred. 

Depending on your homeowners’ insurance, you may not be totally covered for accidents of that nature. This means that you may have to pay a pretty penny out of your own pockets to rectify the damages or to pay for medical bills. 

If the roofing contractor has the necessary insurance, you’ll be protected from these types of accidents. 

What is Their Payment Timeline? 

Getting the payment timeline down and agreed upon before hiring the contractor is crucial. 

New roofs are an investment — and the larger your home, the more you’ll have to invest in that new roof. So, that’s why it’s important that you ask about their payment timeline. Do they ask for half up front and half after the job is complete? Or do they have a pay-as-you-go format?

Whatever their timeline looks like, once you figure it out you can better budget the project for yourself to ensure that it works for you. And, if it doesn’t, you can ask if they can change up their payment schedule so that you can make it work. 

Keep in mind, you should never pay the full price upfront, and a professional, trustworthy roofing specialist should never ask you to do so. 

Setting up budget expectations before agreeing to work with a roofing contractor is a must and will help you avoid paying more money than you budgeted for. 

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