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Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Posted on: January 19, 2018

There comes a time where you may no longer be satisfied with the appearance of your kitchen. You may add flowers or other decorative objects in your kitchen, but sometimes those items aren’t enough. When you want to revamp your kitchen, a full remodel is a great option. Kitchen remodeling can involve altering or replacing parts of your kitchen or all of it.

Nevertheless, remodeling your kitchen may not come easy if you are unsure what to change or how to start and do not know much about remodeling in the first place. Fortunately, you can rely on WISA Solutions to provide you with some great kitchen remodeling ideas to help you get started! Take a look at our top 5 kitchen remodeling ideas that could be of use to you

1. Updating Your Appliances

Nothing screams boring or shabby like outdated kitchen appliances. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, simply swapping out your old appliances for new ones can do the trick. If you currently have a white fridge, stove, and dishwasher, consider a new style such as stainless steel or all black. Changing your appliances can also allow you to upgrade the efficiency of your appliances such as by switching to a water-efficient dishwasher or a fridge that provides filtered water and ice.

2. Add More Counter/Display Space

Adding additional counter and display space gives you the chance to open up your kitchen and make it lively. You can build in higher or lower shelves of any material you’d like (i.e. wooden, metal) and even build in extra counters with cabinets alongside your existing counters and cabinets. Adding more display space gives you the freedom to add in more decor, photos, or cooking appliances (like that Keurig you always wanted) and more counter space enhances you prep and cooking areas.

3. Paint It Up!

One of the most common and effective ideas when it comes to renovating any space is painting. Painting your kitchen may just be the simple trick you need to remodel your kitchen. For beginner kitchen remodelers, painting is very useful and all it requires is choosing the best colors and patterns. If you have stainless-steel appliances but your cabinets are brown and your walls are tan, try painting your cabinets a soft, light blue and your walls an egg-shell white to brighten up your kitchen, for example. With painting, your choices are endless.

4. Add Lighting Fixtures

If you want some flair in your kitchen, we suggest adding decorative lighting fixtures. Adding a decorative ceiling light or cabinet lights can be just the accent your kitchen needs. There are many different types of lighting fixtures you can consider, including: recessed lighting, chandelier lighting, pendant lights, island lights (if you have an island in your kitchen), and more. Adding some variety to your kitchen lights is a great way to remodel your kitchen.

5. Personalize It

Personalizing your kitchen can mean a variety of things, and that is why it is a great kitchen remodeling idea. Personalizing your kitchen could mean adding or modifying a backsplash in your kitchen. If your backsplash is currently white tile, consider a colored tile or even a patterned material. You could also swap out your current sink for a unique, modern one. If you have a stainless steel double sink, consider a vessel kitchen sink instead! You can also add colorful hand towels, a decorative dish soap holder, and more. There are endless options to personalize your kitchne!

If you want to learn more about kitchen remodeling, or are looking to remodel your kitchen in Northern Virginia, contact WISA Solutions online today!

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