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How to Design a Productive Home Office

Posted on: October 25, 2017

Innovative technology has enhanced communications, allowing more people to work from home than ever before. While all that’s really needed for a home office is a flat work surface—a space that is well designed and contains all the right elements is much more conducive to productivity.  

Whether you currently have a home office space that needs revamping, or you’re ready to dedicate or add some much needed square footage to accommodate your needs, WISA Solutions can help. We offer superior home interior renovation and remodeling services, backed by over 25 years of industry experience and an unparalleled attention to detail and customer service. 

When it comes time to design your home office, consider incorporating the following list of key features to maximize your investment and enhance productivity. 

Let There Be Light

One of the most important elements of any home office is lighting, which is needed to perform a variety of functions at your desk or on screen. Task lighting is vital where concentrated light is required to perform a focused task such as reading, writing, or designing, where as ambient lighting illuminates the entire office area when needed. Natural light from windows, french doors, or skylights can help to boost energy and productivity, while providing a much needed glimpse of the outdoors. 

Variable Work Surfaces

A large or traditional desk may not work in every type of space or suit every application. Choose a surface that not only fits the room, but is also large enough to hold whatever materials you need to complete your daily tasks, from computer technology to lighting and accessories. Ensure all work surfaces are at the optimal height for comfort and productivity. 

Ample Storage

Hidden storage solutions allow you to maximize your home office space, without the distraction of visual clutter. Built-in cabinetry with open shelving and doors are a great solution, with room to display items that are aesthetically pleasing or those you use frequently, while hiding paper and print supplies, stationary, pens, file folders, and more. 


Consider which forms of technology you use on a daily basis, and ensure you have the space, outlets, peripherals, and wired or wireless technology to operate them. A charging station is a welcome addition for items such as a tablet or smartphone. 


Distractions from your children, spouse, repair personnel, doorbell, or home phone can be unwelcome disruptions that hamper your productivity. Invest in adequate insulation to block household noise from your work space, and install a functional, locking door for added security and privacy. A white noise machine or fan set on low can help you focus by covering up ambient noise from outdoors, such as construction or traffic. 

Guest Space 

If you will be hosting clients or colleagues in your home office, provide additional, comfortable seating and an auxiliary table or work space for collaborating. If room allows, set up a beverage station for you and your guests, where you can store a coffee maker, kettle, bottled water, mugs, and snacks. 

Home Office Additions or Remodeling in Northern Virginia

If you are looking to add an office to your home or remodel your existing office, WISA Solutions has the expertise you need to create a productive work space. 

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