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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Posted on: April 30, 2018

Tired of using a bathroom that looks shabby? Does your bathroom have outdated features or lackluster tiling? It’s time for a bathroom remodel! Updating your bathroom can be surprisingly easy and only requires some redesigning and reconstructing (if necessary). Of course, for any bathroom remodel that requires plumbing or electrical work, it is best to seek a professional remodeler. Nevertheless, here are five bathroom remodeling ideas to make your bathroom appealing again!

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

If you’re tired of the basic, standard lights in your bathroom, try changing them for something more unique and stylish! Go for a modern look by adding recessed lights. Or, for a truly contemporary look, you can switch your current lights for mini or glass pendants. As an additional accent, try adding under cabinet lights in your bathroom too (if you have cabinets in your bathroom). For the proper wiring and installing of new lighting fixtures in your bathroom, you should consult with an electrician.

Opt for a New Sink

Switching your current sink for a sleek new one is a great idea for a bathroom upgrade. For an elegant, sophisticated look, try updating your sink to a vessel sink. Additionally, you can pair your vessel sink with a stainless-steel faucet to give it an even more stylish look. You can also change the material your sink is made out of. For example, if your sink is currently made out of enameled cast-iron, you can switch it for a sink made of tempered-glass instead. If you have a single sink and are looking for more counter and cabinet space, however, you can opt for twin sinks. Again, for remodeling efforts concerning plumbing and installation, it is best to seek a contractor.

Add More Cabinet or Counter Space

Try making your bathroom appear more “open” by adding more cabinet and counter space. In addition to adding counter and cabinet space, you can also revamp the look of your current cabinets and counters. If your cabinets are currently made from fiberboard and your countertops are made out of laminate, try updating your cabinets to solid wood and your countertops to marble for an exquisite look. Remodeling your cabinets or countertops makes for a great bathroom upgrade while also giving you more room to place your personal items.

Update Your Flooring

Another element of a bathroom remodel is the flooring. Changing your current tile can give your bathroom a completely new look without doing too much (though you may want to also seek a contractor). If you currently have vinyl tile flooring in your bathroom, try switching it for hardwood flooring. Or, for an even more elegant look, you can update your flooring to marble instead. Just by changing the flooring, you can make you bathroom look anew.

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