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5 Ways to Build a Great Basement

Posted on: March 15, 2018

Whether you purchase a home with an unfinished basement or finished basement, there’s no denying that the basement is usually the dreariest area of the home. Oftentimes, basements are cold and isolated, and usually feel damp. To revamp your basement, you need to perform a basement renovation and may want consider a basement renovation contractor. Nevertheless, here are five basement renovation ideas to turn your basement from an old storage room to a luxurious living area. 

Add a Home Gym

A basement is full of potential and can be turned into anything, so why not a gym? Get your exercise in at home by reconstructing your basement into an at-home gym. Purchase and install a few treadmills, weight benches, and other exercise machines. You can also update the flooring to rubber and add overhead fans for proper air circulation. You can paint the walls accordingly to fit the gym theme and install recessed lighting to adequately light your gym space.

Note: you do not have to turn your entire basement into a gym. You can also opt to designate a specific area of the basement for your gym to make room for other ideas.

Install a Full Bathroom

Perhaps the most common basement renovation idea is the addition of a bathroom. You can create a full bathroom in your basement to increase its usability. The best thing is, since you’re designing your bathroom from scratch, you can customize it any way you like! Add hardwood floors and a jacuzzi tub in your bathroom or install a contemporary vessel sink. You can even install an all-glass shower or a customized toilet. Decorate your new bathroom with plants, paintings, and more!

Create a Theater Room

Another go-to idea when it comes to basement renovation is the in-home theater. Though this idea can be quite costly (and most often requires a basement renovation contractor), it is easily one of the most effective ways to enhance your basement. Install a big screen TV and some plush carpeting. You can also purchase some recliners or sectionals (whichever furniture you prefer), and, for a true movie theater effect, add a popcorn stand! Turning your basement into a mini theater will not only revamp your basement, but also truly entertain your family and guests!

Install a Bar

Another basement renovation idea that promotes entertainment is the addition of a full bar. You can customize your bar or wet bar any way you’d like. Give your bar a pub look by constructing it out of wood and using wooden bar stools, or go for a rustic look and construct it out of bricks. You can also add a wine cellar and a fridge if you’d like. Use mini pendants or recessed lighting to give your bar a real modern feel. For proper wiring and plumbing, it is best to seek out a contractor.

Create an Office Space

A more personal basement renovation idea is office space. Changing your basement into a full, at-home office can be beneficial to your occupation and is perfect for individuals who work from home and need a quiet space. Add hardwood or carpeted flooring in your basement and paint the walls to fit your office theme. Purchase a desk, shelves or a bookcase, and a desk chair to get your office started. You can also install a desktop computer, add a desk light, install lighting fixtures, and decorate with plants and paintings to complete your desired office look.

Basement renovation can be done in numerous ways, but it is important to know what you want in your renovation and to have it done correctly. If you need professional assistance with your basement renovation and live in Northern Virginia, contact WISA Solutions!

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